Einst als Futtermittel herabgesetzt, erlebt der Gemüsemais seinen zweiten Frühling. Kein Wunder, denn er ist vielseitig einsetzbar: In einem deftigen Chili, gebraten mit Reis, beim Grillen oder vielleicht doch in einem Mais Risotto? In jedem Fall darf Mais auf keiner Party fehlen.

Artichoke hearts.

Culinary royalty: artichokes ripen under the southern sun into a juicy and powerful treat for the palate. They are wholesome and of noble taste. The vegetable can be pickled, roasted and boiled. Artichokes belong in every kitchen!

Peppers in strips.

Healthy taste: Peppers are real vitamin bombs! They are rich in vitamin C, B1 and B2. There is probably no dish that is not enriched by the vegetable. How about paprika rice, for example? The list of culinary possibilities is long and delicious.


A very special kind of pepper: Jalapenos seduce with their spicy heat and fruity flavor. They are ideal for spicing up many dishes such as a salsa sauce or a salad. By the way, filled with cheese, jalapeno are extra delicious!

Peperoni Lombardi.

Predicate delicious and healthy! The pepperoni Lombardi from Italy convinces with its mild, unique taste. At the same time, the chili pepper not only provides spice, but also a booster for the immune system. Especially red varieties contain a lot of vitamin C.
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